Ma famille

Phrases and vocabulary for talking about your family

Mari and femme are the words you'll usually use to talk about your husband or wife, but femme literally translates to "woman" and only becomes "wife" in context. The other words for husband and wife are èpouse (wife) and èpoux (husband), but these are not commonly used in everyday conversation. (èpouse is very similar to our "spouse", and is used in similar formal situations.

Remember that the the possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, their) will change depending on whether you're talking about a male or a female member of your family. (See the lesson on possessive adjectives for more information.)

Play audio Mon mari = My husband

Play audioMon mari fume trop = My husband smokes too much

Play audioMa femme = My wife

Play audioMa femme n'aime pas mes amis = My wife doesn't like my friends

Play audioMes enfants = My children

Play audioMes enfants sont tres bruyants = My children are very noisy

Play audioMon fils = My son

Play audioMon fils mange des vers = My son eats worms

Play audioMa fille = My daughter

Play audioMa fille chante mal = My daughter sings badly

Play audioMes parents = My parents

Play audioMes parents viennent demain = My parents are coming tomorrow

Play audioMon père = My father

Play audioMon père deteste la ville = My father hates the city

Play audioMa mère = My mother

Play audioMa mère ne sait pas que j'ai un tatouage = My mother doesn't know I have a tattoo

Play audioMon frère = My brother

Play audioMon frère ne m'aidera pas = My brother won't help me

Play audioMa sœur = My sister

Play audioMa sœur ne m'aidera pas non plus. = My sister won't help me either