"The" definite article

Most of us are familiar with the French word(s) for the long before we ever start learning the language — or at least we have a vague idea that it involves an L.

There are actually four words for the. (All involve an L.)

  • Le
  • La
  • Les
  • L'

Le goes in front of masculine nouns:

Play audio Le poivron (The capsicum/bell pepper)

La goes in front of feminine nouns:

Play audioLa banane (The banana)

L' goes before a noun that starts with a vowel, regardless of it's gender.

Play audio L'orange (The orange)

Les goes in front of plural nouns, regardless of their gender:

Play audioLes pommes (The apples)

Les is written the same, but can sound a bit different when it goes before a word that starts with a vowel.

Play audioLes aubergines (The aubergines/eggplants)