Early, late or never?

Vocabulary and phrases for time concepts

Is it early where you are? Or late? How regularly do you floss? Sometimes? All the time? From time to time? (Never?) The following phrases and vocabulary illustrate some of these "time concepts".

Play audio Quelquefois = Sometimes

Play audio Quelquefois je mange trop. = Sometimes I eat too much

Play audio Tout le temps = All the time

Play audio Je mange tout le temps du fromage. = I eat cheese all the time

Play audio De temps en temps = From time to time

Play audio De temps en temps je mange des lentilles. = From time to time I eat lentils

Play audio Tôt = Early

Play audio Je me suis réveillé très tôt, ce matin. = I woke up very early this morning

Play audio En avance = Early (ie. too soon)

Play audio Je ne suis jamais en avance à la gare = I am never early to the station

Play audio Il est tard = It's late (ie. getting on)

Play audio Il est tard, je vais dormir = It's late, I'm going to sleep

Play audio En retard = Late (ie. running late)

Play audio J'étais en retard à la gare = I was late to the station

Play audio À l'heure = On time

Play audio Le train était à l'heure = The train was on time